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Run Like A Mother

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This is my personal journey of trying to achieve life's "runner high". Here you will follow me through the trials, tribulations, and successes I experience while trying to overcome the physical, psychological, and emotional obstacles that come with trying to live what others call a normal life...something I have struggled to experience.


Age: 27
Started Running: November 2010
First Race: 2011 Disneyland Half Marathon
First Marathon: 2012 WDW Marathon
Dream Race: Boston Marathon

Personal Records (# of races complete)
Mile: 6:30
5K(4): 23:50
8K(4): 37:12
10K(1): 47:15
Half Marathon(14): 1:44:51
Marathon(4): 3:47:59
Awards won: 3

Challenges Completed
WDW Goofy Challenge: 2012 (13.1 + 26.2)
runDisney Coast-to-Coast: 2012 (Princess + Disneyland)
Norfolk Freedom Marathon Eagle Challenge: 2012 (5K + 26.2)
Shamrock Marathon Dolphin Challenge: 2013 (8K + 26.2)
Patriot's Challenge: 2013, 2014 (8K + 13.1)


Long run done for the week! I got up early and ran as the sun rose. It was awesome. I tried a new route and ran on George Washington Hwy because I was curious as to where that road led. Turns out it leads to the Dismal Swamp Trail where the Dismal Swamp Stomp Half was taking place today. I was planning to run that but completely forgot about it. Boo. That’s alright, though, because I’m running the Nike Half in DC in 2 weeks =). Ran slow as dirt today and my splits were all over the place. I’m still sore from the squat challenge I did with my watch team on Wednesday (74 squats in a minute). I didn’t realize how much your inner thighs worked until now, lol. It was a nice run and I’m glad I got it done before it started to warm up.