Run Like A Mother

Run Like A Mother

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This is my personal journey of trying to achieve life's "runner high". Here you will follow me through the trials, tribulations, and successes I experience while trying to overcome the physical, psychological, and emotional obstacles that come with trying to live what others call a normal life...something I have struggled to experience.


Age: 27
Started Running: November 2010
First Race: 2011 Disneyland Half Marathon
First Marathon: 2012 WDW Marathon
Dream Race: Boston Marathon

Personal Records (# of races complete)
Mile: 6:30
5K(4): 23:50
8K(4): 37:12
10K(1): 47:15
Half Marathon(14): 1:44:51
Marathon(4): 3:47:59
Awards won: 3

Challenges Completed
WDW Goofy Challenge: 2012 (13.1 + 26.2)
runDisney Coast-to-Coast: 2012 (Princess + Disneyland)
Norfolk Freedom Marathon Eagle Challenge: 2012 (5K + 26.2)
Shamrock Marathon Dolphin Challenge: 2013 (8K + 26.2)
Patriot's Challenge: 2013, 2014 (8K + 13.1)

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fitness apps fitness apps
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Best Run Ever:


2013 J&A Yuengling Shamrock Marathon.  It was the first marathon (my 3rd) where I felt amazing throughout the entire run.  I PR’d and got a sub-4 hours time.  That was such a shock and the best feeling ever.


2014 Biggest Loser RunWalk 10K because it was the first time I’ve ever finished first in a race.  I was the overall first finisher and I PR’d as well.  It’s affected me in that for the first time ever I felt confident in my running ability and have learned not to sell myself short.  I am capable of more than I think.

Three Words That Describe My Running: Determined, stubborn, improving

My Go-To Running Outfit:


Any tech shirt
Dry fit bottoms
Garmin Forerunner 210
New Balance Minimus Hi-Rez
Brooks Running Hat

Quirky Habits While Running: I sing theme songs from kids cartoons in my head.  I have my toddler to thank for that (Sheriff Callie has gotten me through some tough runs!).  I also tend to look down a lot and like to only take one step between the cracks on the sidewalk (it helps open my stride).  I also only run in the middle of the road on races because that’s the spot that isn’t cambered.

Morning, Mid-day, or Evening: I used to be such a stickler about running only in the morning but now it depends on my mood.  I love to do my long runs early in morning because I get it out of the way and can enjoy my day.  Most other runs I do in the evening because it lets me spend time with my daughter during the day and get housework done.  However, I do occasionally break out the BOB for a morning run to the park with my daughter.  Like I said, it changes day to day.

I Won’t Run Outside If It’s…

I’ve ran in freezing  temps…


The rain,




So weather will never affect whether I’ll run or not.  I will not run in the dark, though.  I don’t like carrying a light or wearing reflective vest.

Worst Injury And How I Got Over It:


I developed a stress fracture in 2013.  I was 6 months into my running streak and I was devastated.  I ended up taking off a few weeks from running and focused on spinning and cycling.  I eventually got back to running and worked on building my mileage up.  I also started wearing a compression sleeve on that leg to help with the still tender break site.

Potential Running Goal For 2015: Qualify for Boston!

Next Race Is: 2014 Baltimore City Marathon.  Looking to get another sub-4 hour finish!

Getting back to blogging has been interesting.  I’m trying to get back into my posting routine so here’s the return of my weekly running recap!

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I’m going to touch on something I don’t normal touch upon here. Bear with me because I need to unload.

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About a year and a half ago, I made a it a goal to become a stronger runner. Up until that point I ran here and there and never really paid much attention to my pace or technique. I decided that I wanted to be faster and made a running streak my goal. 

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I’ve come to a realization recently that I’m way too anti-social. I knew I was to a certain extent because social situations make me feel awkward and always induce crippling anxiety. However, I noticed most recently that it’s not only hindering me but my daughter as well.

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Today was the last mileage increase for my training plan. I was so happy to see that day because, let’s be honest, I hate getting up early on the weekends to get a long run done in a decent time. I was a bit apprehensive about the run because my calves had been really sore and my Achilles were tight. I tried stretching and doing light runs on the two days prior to the run to help mitigate the ache but I still felt it that morning. I just braced myself for a slower pace as I went out the door.


I was pleasantly surprised by my average pace!  My first mile was slow and yucky at about 10:10 but after that I kept my pace between 9:20 and 9:50. The hills this time around destroyed me but I didn’t have to stop other than my planned refuel stops. I did come to realize that after the half marathon mark my water belt begins to chafe so I think it’s time to look into investing in a Camelbak (this happened on my last run, too).  I do dread long runs because they’re, well, long but I do like that I find out about running issues like chafing then rather than race day.

I’m really looking forward to taper now. I have a nice 10K on Sunday at Six Flags then it’s all training runs until the marathon. I decided to defer my Wicked 10K entry to next year because I really wasn’t feeling the drive to VA Beach.

Not much else to write about running wise so I guess that’s it for now.

I’ve briefly glossed over the fact that I was diagnosed with an eating disorder. Lately I’ve been struggling with my body image so I figured now would be a good time as ever to go ahead and disclose the disorder I so briefly referred to.

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In the days leading up to long training runs I loathe the idea that I have to run so far. I dread the early wake up and the amount of time I’ll be out on the road. However, once I get up and out there I have a total change in attitude. Today was no different.

Pre run I had a chia bar and I made sure to pack my Sport Beans and Gu. I decided to fill my bottle completely since last time I only filled it halfway and I found I needed more water. I went out with the plan to refuel every 3 miles and to run a nice slow pace. I usually like to start with a bang and I know how much that hinders my overall performance. It was going to be a mental challenge to not run as fast as I could.

The run was nice. I did a long loop that was new to me and I really liked. The one thing I do appreciate about running without headphones is that I take in my surroundings a lot more. I found a couple of places a wanted to check out in the future (yay children’s consignment shops!) and really got to learn the roads around here. It’s funny because I never really learn roads until I run them and I’m always so shocked when I realize where they led. Maybe GPS is hindering my exploration, lol. I ran past the high school along the way and saw they were doing a 5K in a few weeks. I briefly considered it but I’m running the Six Flags Biggest. Loser 10K the day after this race so I shot it down. Of course, this was after going through the scenario in my head of how I could totally do it because it’s only a 5K. I know, I’m crazy. I also ran past a fellow runner and had the whole “why hello there fellow runner!” internal conversation in my head. Yes, this is what happens when you don’t listen to music while you run.

I was about 3/4 of a mile away from home when I got a panicked phone call from my husband. He asked if I was okay and was worried because I should have been back 20 minutes ago. I kind of gave him an “um…it’s only been 2 hrs” (well, it was a little more than that) and then he realized he calculated how long I was going to be gone wrong. He had already climbed into the car to search for me when he saw me and laughed. Instead he went out to get me coffee and apologized for stopping me in the middle of my run. I love him =). I don’t blame him for worrying since I did have one previous episode where I didn’t finish a long run because I had a bad dizzy spell. My anxiety med had caused my blood pressure to drop really low that any exertion gave me tunnel vision. Of course, this happened the one day I didn’t take my cell so I had to walk the last 4 miles back to the home and hope he’d realize I was gone to long (which he did).  Since then I’ve taken my phone on all runs over 8 miles and he diligently tracks how long I’ve been gone. That’s love right there =)

I managed to finish 15.13 miles in 2:25. Not bad really. It’s not as fast as I would have liked but I maintained a constant 9:35min/mi pace which is great. I even ran the last 3 miles with negative splits!  I got a nice 8:55 in the last mile. I also felt amazing the entire run. I didn’t get winded or sore at all and I felt that my fueling stops worked out well. Even now I’m not sore at all like last week. I think all in all it was a successful run. I even got to enjoy a nice donut and latte afterwards, though Izzy insisted on helping me eat half my donut. I swear that child looks out for my diet, lol.

Sorry for the lack of photos. For some reason the computer isn’t wanting to upload my photos.

If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I’d ever be a stay-at-home mom I probably would have said heck no. I planned to work full time until retirement. I would take maternity leave when needed but would always return to work. Boy have things changed.

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Today was the much dreaded long run. Okay, it wasn’t much dreaded. I actually look forward to these morning runs because I like the solitude I get run them. Well, I get some solitude. Half the time I’m humming the Sheriff Callie theme song (thank you, Izzy).

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